An All-In-One, Integrated Technology Platform That Streamlines Care Delivery, Patient Engagement And Business Management Workflow.

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Raven Health EHR Is Built To Enable You Succeed

Establish and grow a successful health practice with Raven Health's Clinical, Billing, and Engagement modules.

Patient Encounters

Follow a standard/configurable clinical workflow, chart with SOAP Notes when consulting with your patients.

  • ICD-10 daignosis codes Ready
  • Loinc Laboratory codes Ready
  • Easily prescribe medications and view medication Hx
  • Order laboratory and radiology test
  • Gain a complete overview of health charts

Manage Patients Efficiently

Create a new patient record and manage all patient visits using a unique generated patient ID after a successful registration. Raven Health EHR provides a secure digital platform for storing and retrieving your patient data without any hassel.

  • Integration for secure patient self registration from your website
  • Tracking complete patient health history
  • Attach patient documents in PDF, JPEG and PNG formats
  • Billing history
  • Analytics on daily, weekly, and monthly visits

Appointment Management

Gain complete control over daily activities and speed up business processes. Raven Health EHR provides effective scheduling of patient appointments for doctors, laboratory, and radiology services with easy calendar drag and drop functions.

  • Integration for secure online appointments from your website
  • Book a follow-up appointment during clinical consultations
  • Track status and gain foresight into your appointments
  • Set appointment reminders and distribute tasks across your health team

Pharmacy Management

Oversee drug distribution, manage stocks, inventory, set the cost of drugs and receive prescriptions from consulting doctors.

  • Receive automated alerts on expiring and out of stock drugs
  • Get real-time status of your stock and inventory
  • Receive ePrescriptions from consulting physicians
  • Set stock limits
  • Inventory and stock reports

Manage Billing Seamlessly

Consolidate all of a patient’s outstanding balances - medical services, medications, laboratory and post-acute bills - into a single invoice to simplify and improve the patient financial experience.

  • Automatically send payment notifications via SMS and email
  • Automatically send payment invoice and reciepts electronically at any moment
  • Track payments from multiple income sources
  • Advanced sales summary and analytics

Patient Engagement

Configure secure automated welcome, appointment SMS and email notifications to encourage new patients to stick with your health facility. Enhance patient loyalty and engagement with the right tools.

  • Automated appointment SMS and emails confirmations and reminders
  • Custom sender name - send SMS alerts with your facility name as header
  • Securely send SMS and email marketing campaigns

Why Choose Raven Health EHR?

User-friendly interface

The simple and user-friendly interface makes it far less hassle for health practitioners to use Raven Health EHR. Less time is needed to complete easy tutorials which aid you on getting the most value of the software.


We're in compliance with data protection laws necessary to safeguard your protected patient information. We work with HL7, ICD 10, and Loinc health standards.


Raven Health EHR comes with highly configurable functions allowing you to personalize the application to suit your workflow.

Cloud Hosted

Work remotely and get immediate access to our latest features with automatic upgrades. No servers, no storage, no maintenance — we host your site for you.


Set automated appointment reminders that sends real-time notifications to the patient on the upcoming visits. Eliminate No Shows.

24/7 Support

Our experienced support team has strong knowledge of all products, known issues and workarounds ensuring the quickest time to resolve your issues.

The Confidentiality Of Your Data Is Fundamental For Us.

Raven Health EHR is the custodian of your data. We don't own it.

Your Data Benefits From The Best Possible Protection.

Perfect security does not exist. But that's our line of sight.

  • We work tirelessly to detect the slightest flaw and build the most successful defense mechanisms.
  • We protect our services with intelligent algorithms capable of countering the different types of possible cyberattacks (denial of service or brute force attack, web scraping, etc.).
  • We use the highest form of encryption AES 256 at multiple levels to secure all communications between you and our servers.

Respect For Your Privacy Is Our Priority.

We use secure technology and privacy protection controls to safeguard your personal information.

  • The protection of your data is not optional for us: it exists by default in all our services, from their conception.
  • We work to integrate the highest standards of protection for your data.
  • Your patient's privacy is protected by strict role-based access that ensures users only have access to data they're permitted to.

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About Our App

Raven Health EHR is a cloud-based hospital management platform that makes your administrative tasks easier and efficient. Designed to provide easy access to its users, it enables quick decision making as it offers mobility and synchronicity across its functions. Raven Health EHR enables health facilities to benefit from modern and effective ways of managing clinical operations. Making accessible, convenient methods that reduce your patient waiting time, enhance your appointment scheduling, increase customer retention, drive revenue growth, streamline patient engagement, and business management workflow.


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